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No matter who you are or where you’ve been, God is ready to meet you where you are and draw you close to Him. BridgePointe is designed to be a nurturing force in that faith journey. We have no interest in inviting you to build our church. But we have great interest in you inviting God to build your life.
If this is your first time here, you may want to check out:
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Services  : : :  Sundays at 10:30 a.m.

If you’re interested in learning more about BridgePointe, please join us for our Connect lunch, an informal event that covers how you can build your relationship with God through opportunities at BP.

Frequently Asked Questions

The service includes a time of worship music and a message. We’re creative with our church experience, so expect some media and lights. The worship music reflects a modern style and the message is always relevant to where we live, with an emphasis on life application. Pastor Matt Speer is our lead teacher, but you will hear from other teachers on a regular basis. You will be both inspired and challenged. The Sunday service lasts about 75 minutes. Count on meeting some of the friendliest people you have ever met!
Coming 20 minutes before the 10:30 a.m. service begins should do it. That will give you time to park, check your kids into the Kid’s Center (in the upper parking lot) and grab a cup of coffee before the service begins. You’ll want to be in the Worship Center before the music starts to catch all of the service.
We are a very casual church. Jeans seems to “rule” (just look at what the pastor is wearing). But most importantly, come dressed in a way that is comfortable and relaxed for you. We are a church of “ties and tattoos” so just be “you.” When the summer weather comes, you will no doubt see lots of people in shorts.
Tree Top and Walk Way are children’s environments designed for children from birth through fifth grade. They are active every Sunday morning at the 10:30 a.m. service. Your child will experience age-appropriate teaching, music and fun activities designed to grow Godly character. Passionate leaders and volunteers will be there each week to love and teach your child. Our check-in system ensures a safe environment for your child and makes pick-up for parents more efficient.

Our Kid’s Center is located in the upper parking lot of the business park. When entering the initial driveway, simply continue forward to the top of the parking area until you can go no further. Look for signs for our Kid’s Center. Our parking attendants will be happy to assist with your parking needs.

BP Connect is an event designed just for that! If you’re interested in learning more about where we are taking people as a church, this is a great first step in exploring BridgePointe. The event takes place over an informal lunch after service approximately every 6 weeks. Pastor Matt Speer and some of the Lead Team host the gathering, where they can  meet you in a more personal way.
We host a meeting for Middle School students, simultaneously with the 10:30 service. They meet in the Student Center (Building 120) in the upper parking lot as well. High School students are encouraged to attend the main worship service that we are convinced they will enjoy! Many of our high school students volunteer in the Kid’s Center during the service.
The Worship Center is at the front of the business park on the lower level. If you do not have kids, feel free to park on the lower level (follow the signs). Handicap parking is available in the very front of the building.